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Mushrooms and Artichokes’ Timbal with Poached egg and Piquillos’ Sauce

Using seasonal ingredients will make your cooking easier, cheaper and better! So, let's hunt for some wild and fresh mushrooms (in the market), some beautiful and delicious artichokes, ecological eggs and a can of piquillo's peppers... yes, it's that simple!...



Shy Omelet and more Eggs than you can imagine!

I don't have an obsession with Omelets but I love their versatility and mixing different kinds of eggs it might seem an extravagance but, I love surprising my guests! So, here you have the easiest way to prepare an ...


Eggs | Rice & pasta

Construction and Deconstruction of a Rice Flan

Now you have it, now you don't! This is one of my daughter's favourite meals ever!!! Try it with your kids, they will love it♥. Assembling the flan is always fun, but demolishing it is great ;D. I'm using ...


Eggs | Others

BlOg yOur Omelet – Winner and Round-Up

I bet you are all curious to know who the fortunate is... take a look at the video and discover it!   I know, you can hardly see anything... but that's not the point because we all know now who de winner is! :D Hi everyone, Hola ...


Eggs | Tapas bar

Have you got Eggs? Then, BlOg yOur Omelet!!!

Eggs in the pantry? A roar in the stomach? ¡Si tienes huevos, envíame tu tortilla y participa en el concurso! ;DHow do you want it? Which one would you grab first? The Zucchini and Mint one or the Mushrooms, Asparagus and sweet Garlic one?...



A glamorous Classic: Fried egg & Chips… with Foie and Truffle!

Does this dish need a description? Wouldn't you just run for the bread? Is there any other dish as popular as Fried eggs with chips? I bet every country in the world has its version. Raise your hand if ...


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Artichokes Nest with Foie & Quail egg

This is my last post on Budapest and there will be some Goose liver involved... a delish! I should have bought more cans!!! Budapest was a beautiful city to visit and I had great fun discovering its food, the market, the streets, buildings and parks; but ...


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Green Peas with Egg and Bacon

Special dressing: Cabaret. Money makes the world go round (turn player on)Green on white. White on green, the colours of my blog. Green peas... Greenpeace... Please, let the green govern us! How can we make it this time? How can we continue being advanced, modern, fast, ...


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Spanish Deviled Eggs. Have you got the Eggs?

This is just the right time to talk about something that I have always wondered about: Do Spanish expressions coincide with the English ones? For example I say: Ojo por ojo and in English you say An eye for an eye. The meaning of the ...


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One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest – Pasta Nest with Quail Eggs

Special dressing: Over the cuckoo's nestWasn't it a BIG movie? I read the book and watch the movie and both were fantastic. Jack Nicholson is one of my favorite actors ever! I wouldn't mind to share a Paella with him!!!I saw this multicolored Pasta nests ...

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