Winter Soup

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In my opinion, some of the most joyful aromas you can smell during Winter time are:

  • The burning wood’s smoke going through the village house’s chimmeneys.
  • The scent of the pine trees while wandering through the Christmas street markets.
  • The wonderful and comforting aroma of a winter boiling stock as you enter the kitchen in a cold cold day.

What would be Winter without a warm and tasteful Soup?

If you agree with me and want to share your delicious home made soups, please join and participate in this BLOG YOUR SOUP Event!!! Grab your deepest pot and put your apron on.

As I did some time ago with BLOG YOUR OMELETE, this time I would like to get as many soup recipes from you all as possible! Come join the Soup’s Club and get a giveaway :D.

Winter Soup

Ok, this is how it works:

1.- Post a new soup recipe in your blog. It can be any kind of soup. If you live in the Southern hemisphere and want to share a cold one, no problem :D.

2.- Mention the BLOG YOUR SOUP event and link to this post in your blog. Use the logo if you like.

3.- Send me an email to with the Subject: Blog your soup with a link to your soup’s post and the photo you want me to publish in the round up. Please make the photo at 72 ppp and 700 pixels wide.

4.- Please leave a comment in this post and spread the word through any of the social networks you wish with a link to BLOG YOUR SOUP (this post’s URL).

Blog your Soup

Please send your Soups before January 10th 24:00 hours. I will publish the round up January 13th and will let you know who the winner is. Will send the giveaway to the lucky one the same day.

Thank you all so much for participating and sharing your Soups :D. If you want you can tell the story of that soup, who told you about it, how your grandmom taught you to cook it, where did you had that special soup for the first time…. any story you think is suitable here

Winter Soup

So, this is my Soup for you all! Simple, easy and delicious. It’s a basic stock. It will warm your body and heart :D. If you have the time, it’s so recommendable you prepare your own stock, don’t get packaged and prepared ones if you have some free time. Enjoy the aroma that will make unique your house and kitchen!

You can find the pretty cup at Inhala… a beautiful shop run by beautiful people!!! Thanks so much for being so generous :D. Let’s get into the Christmas spirit!!!


Ingredients for 20 servings aprox: 1 salty cured bone, 1 cured ham bone, 2 pieces of fresh hen, 1 pig’s cleaned hands, 2 chicken’s carcass de pollo, 2 pig’s spine bones, 1 Veal’s knee’s bone, 5 cleaned carrots, 1 parsnip, 1 turnip, 4 branches of fresh celery, 2 leeks and water to cover it all up to the top of the pot.

  • Wash and clean all ingredients under tap water and place inside the pot. Cover with cold tap water and place over the heat. The water should cover 3 times the amount of the vegetables and meat.
  • When it starts boiling take the foam away and let if boil at low heat for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Strain and keep inside tuppers. Once cold, take the grease (floating) away and keep in the fridge. It will last for a week. You can freeze it too if you wish.
  • This is a basic stock. I love to boil some rice and thick noodles in it and have it as a first course for dinner during the cold winter nights. It’s a great choice to warm up! Use it for stews, legumes, paellas... whatsover you think ;D



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12/07/2013 · 22:16 h by Katie

It’s definitely soup season…. I’ll play with you ;-))

12/11/2013 · 14:22 h by Inhala

It smells so…. good ! Thanks for the recipe and picture, Núria ! Kisses !

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