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Garbanzos con Chorizo

Chorizo, in Spanish, has two meanings; this is what our dictionary says: Chorizo: A short piece of tripe, usually stuffed with marinated and minced pork meat that it's cured with smoke. Chorizo/za: Thief, robber. I will talk about the first one. As you see in the ...


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Rabbit & Noodles Casserole

Special dressing: Il Mondo (an italian touch for this pasta) Turn player on. Isn't this song BEAUTIFUL?Have you noticed how much I like rabbit? I bet you did! This will be my third rabbit recipe and there's still more to come!!!Nowadays, the North American recession is ...


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Cazón Sailor-Style

Special Dressing: Deep BlueThis dish is done with School Shark have you ever tried anything similar? First time I cooked it I didn't know what I was eating, but I was told by my fishmonger that there was no monk fish left (my first ...

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