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Special dressing: The Scorpions (turn player on).My husband and I have been together for 16 years now... wow, time flyes! We met in a mutual friend's barbaque Fiesta, on a Summer day with good wine, meat, charcoal and smoke. Up on a 10th flat floor's terrace, ...


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Nice Matters Award

Bella Enchanted is Genevieve's blog and this is the first time I hear of her blog. It's not exactly that I heard of her... I looked for the person who designed the Nice Matters Award because... (and here imagine myself jumping and clapping and smiling ...


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Fabada Asturiana

Special dressing: Isaac AlbenizMy husband's grandparents were both from Asturias. Back to the days when they were young, life was very hard in Spain but even harder in small villages and in certain Spanish regions. Asturias was one of these regions: people would leave their home ...


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Aphrodisiac Recipe – Potatoe & Avocado & Salmon Salad

Special dressing: The wonder boy... don't know who's signing, but I fell in love with that voice! (turn player on)This could be a potatoe salad, or an avocado salad or even a salmon salad... but now that Valentine's Day is getting near, I want it to be ...


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Pa amb Tomàquet i Pernil

Toc, toc, toc!!! MAY I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION, PLEASE?????? Thank you. :DThis is one of the things in life that one must try at least once! If you dare... because the first time won't be the last time, I swear!!!I'm introducing you the simpliest, the tastiest, the itgoeswellwithanything... PA AMB ...


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I haven't played this game for a long long time now... It's not that I liked when a was a girl, there were some different aspects in it: when you received a letter, normally if you didn't do what you were asked you were threatened: bad luck would be all ...


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Carnival Macaroni

Special dressing: Terence Trent D'Arby. (Get up from your rocken chair and head to the kitchen!)Yesterday, finally, after months without rain, we've had some!!! I can hear plants and trees shouting thank youuuuuuu! It was all so dry... forests didn't have a great production of mushrooms ...


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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Special dressing: Hairspray (turn player on)Today is my birthday and the kitchen is a forbiden area! We are off for new Gastronomic experiences to a Restaurant that has 1 michelin star: Drolma, the restaurant of the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, with Fermí Puig as chef director. We were looking ...

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