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Tapas from Spain! A Taste Of The Mediterranean.

Tapas... who has never heard about them? For those of you new in the foodie world, Tapas are a Spanish invention; a small gastronomic taste; something that you find in every single Bar here in Spain; in cities and in villages; in rustic and ...


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Piquillos Stuffed with Cod Brandade over Parsley sauce

Colours are so important to me. Green gives me freshness, Red gives me energy and White gives me peace of mind. Perfection on a plate ;D. Did you know that depending on the colours you use to decorate your home you can drive your emotions one way or the other?...


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BlOg yOur Omelet! Announcing my new Contest with a Giveaway♥

Eggs are such an important ingredient in all kitchens and diets! We use eggs for such different purposes: cakes, omelets, quiches, muffins, coatings... So far, I have participated in sooooo many events that I thought it was high time to get my own contest going! I have thought about eggs ...


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Boiled or Roasted Artichokes with Shrimps and Green Sauce

Artichokes are one of my favourite vegetables, when in season, you will always find some in my fridge. I use them for my rices, in a salad, grilled, boiled, in an omelet, roasted, fried... oh, when thinly sliced and fried are amazing... I ...


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Drunken Chicken’s Croquettes

There's only the two of us now: my daughter and I. My husband spends the day out, working in Barcelona city and my "baby" and I spend the day... in front of the computer!!!! She goes to Imvu, to Messenger, to her blog and to YouTube ...


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Pulpo a Feira – Octopus Galician-Style

Mind if I start eating my Octopus without waiting for you to have your napkin on your lap? Are you an Octopus fan? Or are you an Octopus detractor?If you are a fan, then copy and paste this recipe instructions because you will just love ...


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Anchovies in Vinegar

We are finally in season to have Boquerones en vinagre - Anchovies in vinegar! And here is the recipe for those of you who feel like having this flavourful tapa with a fresh beer or some rioja red wine :DIngredients for 6 servings (as a ...


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Tapas: Egg quail on Sobrassada Toast

Special dressing: Life is Life from Hermes House Band (turn player on)Mallorca is one of the three islands in front of Catalonia and Valencia soaked in the Mediterranean sea. It's such a beautiful land! The inner villages are magical and their streets and people ...


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Stuff it!!! Codfish in Piquillo Peppers

Tried, Tested and True is Giz and Psychgrad new event... run to their blog if you still don't know them!!! Great recipes and nice and funny stories are waiting for you at Equal Opportunity Kitchen :D.Let's go for Tapas! These wonderful Stuffed Piquillo Peppers is ...


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Chicken Croquettes

Special dressing: Louis Jordan (Turn player on)These croquettes are always welcome at home, but I only make them when I have chicken leftover from the meat broth and that only happens in fall and winter. They can also be done with roasted chicken and then they ...

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