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PIZZA in capital letters and The Sopranos

I just discovered The Sopranos... and I keep on wondering how can a man like Tony Soprano turn me on? He is not my type at all, but the way he behaves: so tender sometimes, so tough and powerful others, so fragile and yet so strong. A man full ...


Meat & poultry | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Pollo en Escabeche – Chicken in a Pickle

Is this a pickle or a marinated chicken? When looking for the translation of the word Escabeche, I can find both options. Will you throw some light here? How would you call it? It sure has vinegar, but it also marinates in the sauce. Whatever the answer is... give it ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Mar i Muntanya – Sea and Mountain – Shrimps and Chicken

I'm so fortunate to live by the sea, so happy to be surrounded by mountains... What a phrase! This looks a bit like a John Denver's song :D I will try again. Yin and Yan, positive and negative, good and bad, pollo y gamba... Again another horrible start. Maybe today I shouldn't ...

Olleta de Music


Legumes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Beans Porridge and 10 Tips to Cook your Beans well.

Let's forget about sophisticated and festive dishes for a while and land our feet on earth... Are you familiar with morcilla de cebolla, with chorizo, with pigs feet? No? Well, then let me introduce you to Potaje de judías-Olleta de music or Beans Porridge. This is a typical dish ...


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Goulash Soup

Ok, here you have it: Goulash Soup... for those of you who are cold, for those of you who are hungry, for those of you who only have some potatoes, spices and a little piece of meat, for those of you who enjoy a simple traditional ...


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Gallina en Pepitoria – Hen in Pepitoria

What was first the egg or the chicken? This tricky question always reminds me of a story my mom told me: when I was a little girl (went to kindergarden), the teacher asked me: What's the colour of white cow's milk? And, of course, I said ...


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Roasted and Stuffed Pork Loin

Looking for a simple and quick recipe? Would you like to stuff the meat or rather have the spinachs and mushrooms aside? Craving for a tender piece of pork? Stop searching and get the recipe instructions :DThis is one of my favourite pork ...


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Steak Tartare and Mack the Knife

Special dressing today: Mack the knife (turn player and see it shine at that street corner).You could also reach heaven without moving from your kitchen if you'd follow my instructions... Are you a meat lover? Do you still have that old instinct alive? Do you like ...


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Stuffed PotatO with Allioli Gratin & I’m the winner of the O FOODS Contest!!!!

Wooooooweeeeeee!!! Hey everybody! I won! I won! I won the O Foods Event :D :D! I feel like a balloon right now... I'm floating and flying to the moon... pull that string down or I will just dissappear :D.You don't know what I'm talking about? Really? ...


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Veal’s Tongue in its Sauce

The tongue is such an important organ. We can feel all flavours through our tongue, we can talk and sing and shout, we can eat, lick, kiss... do I forget anything? Many animals have tongues but ours is so versatile. It's the kind of muscle my daughter ...

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