Fruits | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Orange Carpaccio in a Salad. And Friends will be Friends!

I got this recipe from Caterina, an old friend of mine that I still keep since we were 6 years old. Not that we see each other very often, not that we have much in common; she is the kind of friend that you see after a year or two ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Seafood Skewers. My lunch today.

Oh boy! I just had to twitt about the lunch I just had!!!! Done in no time and so delicious :D. Is it true that an image is worth more than a thousand words? What do you think? Some days ago I saw something at ...


Meat & poultry

Baked Chicken-Little with Apples

Is the sky falling? Or is this just another easy recipe? How do you call these lil' chickens? Here we call them Picantones and they are extremely tender and tasty. Try this recipe and let the oven do all the work ;D. If ...


Fruits | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

A Pink Strawberry Dessert and some Photographic tips

What I'm enjoying the most now is: Photography. Do you remember those days, not so long ago, when we had to take our photo reels to the photography shop to get our pictures developed? I hated those waiting days... yes, days!!!! Can you imagine? ...



Avocado and Salmon Feast Pie & Our Xmas traditions

This is another Festive dish. A pie that can be prepared in advance, placed in the fridge and served the day you need it. These are the kind of meals I want to have in my table during the Christmas holidays :D...


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Wild Salmon on a Caramelized Apples Bed.

Most of the times, I enjoy cooking a lot. I'm really lucky because I have to cook every single day of the year! Well, maybe not every single day... sometimes, we go to restaurants... but, most of the times, these hands do all the work! Hey, ...


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Citrics’ Marinated Tuna

My old PC broke!!!! And I wanted to have a party in my blog on Friday... some of the things I need are in the PC and don't know if it will be fixed before Friday... Imagine snakes, skulls and pigs coming out of my mouth! I'll try to come ...


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Playing with Raw Fish, Fruits, Colours, Textures and Flavours

Humid weather kills me! I'm fine with heat, but getting my arms stuck at the table, my legs at the car seat... bla... it's disgusting!!! If heat is too much, then I can behave a bit like Hulk! I don't get that green though, but I ...


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Figs and Foie… Something to die for

Only 3 ingredients and some bread and you'll become the Magician Superstar of your kitchen, house, neighbourhood, village, town... get the idea? Just say the magic words: Abra Ka Dabra, or Hockus Pockus or Alakazaaaam! and make sure to have the ingredients, if you don't, the ...


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Who says that veggies are boring? See them in full swing hereunder: Flavourful, tasteful and in different shapes and textures.Vegetables and fruits provide us with: vitamins, minerals, water, fiber and antioxidants, therefore, this kind of food should always have a place ...

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