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Bizcocho con Chocolate – Chocolate Cake

This addiction of mine... blogging... is getting a bit under control. See? I haven't been near the computer for 4 days now! Sorry readers, but the truth is that I couldn't focus on anything but my daughter! She left for the white week (that's how we ...


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Coffee & Chocolate Cup with Iced Yogurt.

Let's exercise our mind a bit and those of us living in the northern hemisphere close our eyes and imagine a white sand beach, with some coconuts by the hammocks we are resting at, crystal blue waters sparkling a few meters ahead from us, a wooden ...


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Breakfast in America: Muffins… Cupcakes or simply Madalenas

♫ Take a look at my girlfriend, she is the only one I got... ♫ Take a look at my Muffins, they're the first ones I baked ♫ Supertramp is there on the left side column to take you to America! Taking the jumbo ...


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♫ Chocolate and Nuts Stave ♪ – Event

Kids are my Achilles' heel... there's something about them that makes me want to hug them, play with them, observe them, make them laugh ( a children's laughter is one of the most valuated sounds on earth for me).This post is about kids, music, chocolate ...


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LENT IS OVER! And we foodies celebrate it!!! Each country, each region has its own particular way and here in Catalonia and Valencia, every Monday of Easter, goodfathers give to their godsons this special chocolate compositions. Cake shops show all kind of Monas (that's how they are called) and after ...


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The Rabbit and the chocolate (not a fairy tale)

Special dressing: Ebony Jackson (turn player on)This month's Joust at Jenn DiaPiazza's is about Chocolate, chili, and grains (any kind). You will find this Event organized at the Leftoverqueen every month. I must say I have a great time thinking/performing/eating/participating/sharing in the Joust. Last month ...

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