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Gallina en Pepitoria – Hen in Pepitoria

What was first the egg or the chicken? This tricky question always reminds me of a story my mom told me: when I was a little girl (went to kindergarden), the teacher asked me: What's the colour of white cow's milk? And, of course, I said ...


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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24. A Spanish Menu – My gift to the Winners of the Olympic Games.

Special dressing: SUPERMAN from Barbra Streisand (turn player on)This is my little tribute to the new World Wide Super Heroes: Men and Women whom have gone beyond, whom seem to be from another planet: they can fly, they can nearly breathe under water and they seem ...


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Drunken Chicken’s Croquettes

There's only the two of us now: my daughter and I. My husband spends the day out, working in Barcelona city and my "baby" and I spend the day... in front of the computer!!!! She goes to Imvu, to Messenger, to her blog and to YouTube ...


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Chicken Jerez-Style

The secret of this dish is in the wine, Jerez, we use to simmer the chicken. It's a typical wine from Andalusia (south of Spain region). There's different kinds of Jerez: fino, amontillado, manzanilla and oloroso. In this case, I used dry oloroso which ...


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Chicken Legs coated in Hazelnuts, Herbs and Bacon

This is our beloved doggy! She is a very inteligent and beautiful poodle. Since we bought it as a gift to our dauther the summer of the 2004, she has filled our life with humour, love, friendship... and I could go on and on. For ...


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Chicken Croquettes

Special dressing: Louis Jordan (Turn player on)These croquettes are always welcome at home, but I only make them when I have chicken leftover from the meat broth and that only happens in fall and winter. They can also be done with roasted chicken and then they ...


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Chicken done with Sidra

•Ingredients for 4 persons: 4 chicken legs or any other part you prefer, 100 grs. of cured ham, 1 onion, 2 apples (the fuji is a good choice), ½ liter of Sidra (it’s a typical north Spanish drink, made out of apples). If you don’t find it ...


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Please rise your hands the ones that wouldn't eat this croquettes.... MMmmmmm such a delish! Crunchy outside and soft and tender inside. C'mon try to cook them yourself and you will be pleased with the result! Your kids will love them!!!The ...

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