Eggs | Rice & pasta

Construction and Deconstruction of a Rice Flan

Now you have it, now you don't! This is one of my daughter's favourite meals ever!!! Try it with your kids, they will love it♥. Assembling the flan is always fun, but demolishing it is great ;D. I'm using ...



Alubias pintas con Arroz y Pimientos del padrón – Beans & Rice & some Hot Peppers

I love it when, like in this dish, one recipe can be shown in different ways: A classic view, a modern view and a transformed view... and you may think... what is she talking about? I'm talking about presenting a dish, making it nice to the ...


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Arros al Forn – Oven’s Rice – Arroz al Horno

Name it as you wish, I'm giving you three options: Catalan, Spanish or English, no matter what the tittle is, I encourage you all to try this Rice typical from Alicante, Valencia... the most delicious meal for a Sunny Sunday you can imagine :D It should ...


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Arroz Negro – Black Rice – My third and definitive try! Step by step Instructions.

Rice is my favourite ingredient ever, I love it cooked in all possible ways, I could never get tired of eating: paellas, stuffed red peppers, black rice, seafood rice, stuffed calamari, fried rice... I LOVE it! This is why I've been trying ...


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Spanish Paella: A tutorial. Step by Step with some tips.

Special dressing: Phil Collins with Paradise (turn player on). Spanish Paella is probably one of our most famous dishes worldwide. It all started in Valencia, a beautiful Spanish region also known for its savory oranges. This post pretends to be a guide for all of ...


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Rice Mint Balls with Pistachios and Shrimps

Good morning Starshines, good afternoon... good evening... or good night! It's finally sunny and hot here :D and I'm planning to go to the beach and to the swimming pool for this loooooong coming weekend! So I'm afraid I won't be seeing your beautiful faces ...


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Rice with Snails and veggies

This is one of my favourite dishes ever! Earthy ingredients for a magical result! Whenever a dish contains snails, rice and artichokes in it, be sure I will cook it in my kitchen.In my family, we are all great snails predators... if ...


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Clams’ Rice – Event

Today the special dressing for this Clams' Rice will be really special!!! Elly from Elly says Opa! has had this beautiful idea for an original Event... combine a dish with music!!! EAT TO THE BEAT! He, he, he, this is the house specialty! ...


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Duck’s Wings’ Rice

Special dressing: Barry Manilow (turn player on)Yes, I'm crazy about rice!!! Having the method of Paella in mind... anyone can cook a "chooseyouringredients paella"! I like all kinds, such as rabbit, duck, seafood, mushrooms, sea and land, only veggies, lobster... Just think about an ingredient and see ...


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I’m Black, I’m Black

Special dressing: Michael Jackson (turn the player on)Just wanted to make a silly joke on the Black Rice and the music "I'm bad" since it sounds so similar I felt like playing with the words. ;-)I've seen a lot of people interested in the former Black ...

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