Cakes, pies & tarts

Bizcocho con Chocolate – Chocolate Cake

This addiction of mine... blogging... is getting a bit under control. See? I haven't been near the computer for 4 days now! Sorry readers, but the truth is that I couldn't focus on anything but my daughter! She left for the white week (that's how we ...

Crema Catalana


Cakes, pies & tarts | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Crema Catalana, Natillas and Polvorones: This is Xmas and Season’s Eatings!!!!

Have you heard about Season's Eatings?... this is the Event Katie organizes once a year (Xmas time) at her blog: Thyme for cooking. If you want to know about it, click here. My package contained a good ...


Cakes, pies & tarts

Walnut and Banana Bundt Cake

What do you think? Awesome ugh? Yeah, I was so proud of myself when I finished this cake!!! But, even though it looks so appealing, as we say here las apariencias engañan - appearances are deceptive - I mean that the sight of the cake would make you think it ...

Panellets de Cafe


Cakes, pies & tarts | Traditional Spanish Recipes

PANELLETS: The Catalan traditional treat for these days.

Panellets are the special sweet treats we Catalans have for La Castañada. A castaña is a chestnut and these days... your Halloween time... here in Catalonia it's typical to toast chestnuts, bake sweet potatoes and also bake panellets. Remember I ...

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