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Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona City has more than 40 markets. Each district may have between one and three fix markets, I'm talking about special buildings constructed for this purpose. In the last years the City has made an effort to improve the old facilities and convert them into bright ...


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Marinated Sardines – The "poor’s" Sushi

Susan from Food Blogga is having a wonderful event going on in her blog: Beautiful Bones... It's all about Osteoporosis, how to prevent and fight against it. Please go to her blog for good info on this subject... She does know what she ...


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Chicken Jerez-Style

The secret of this dish is in the wine, Jerez, we use to simmer the chicken. It's a typical wine from Andalusia (south of Spain region). There's different kinds of Jerez: fino, amontillado, manzanilla and oloroso. In this case, I used dry oloroso which ...

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