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Charcuterie | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Vichyssoise with Iberian Acorn Ham – One of my moms’ favourites

My mom is the sweetest mom on earth! Hey, what can I say? She is my mom!!! She is always there when you need her and when you don't she is also there. She is the most generous person on earth, she loves ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Sole Meunière Style – A Traditional French dish

If you still haven't been to Paris, I would highly recomend you that you travel there with your lover in Spring time... yes it might sound a bit of a topic... but, oh la la! what a precious city and if on top, you are in love, then is the ...


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Bouillabaisse – Bullabesa. The Queen of the French Soups

Come along with me, take my hand and have a deep breath... we are by the sea, feel the breeze in your hair and that particular salty smell... today's dish is Buouillabaisse, one of the richest fish soups ever.Original from Marseille, this soup started as a ...

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