Les Arbousiers, Sabres. France

DAY 3.- After the wonderful lunch at the Mugaritz, we drive towards France and accept our destiny - our car's GPS always tells us that we must accept our destiny before we start driving and it sounds so mystic we always make a laugh about it - yes... we ...




DAY 2.- Mugaritz is THE RESTAURANT! Nothing is what you think it will be... it's different, original, surprising, charming, funny, unique, delicious... excellent! According to Restaurant Magazine is the 3rd best restaurant in the World, and from my humble point of ...



Alkiza, Basque country. Spain

DAY 1.- Here in this Basque village is where our journey begins... In search for the perfect meal, as Anthony Bourdain might say, but not only that... we are looking for the perfect day... and that would include: best environment, best food, best company, best hotel/stay. This is the view from one ...


Gastrotours | Others

Carme Ruscalleda: The ultimate Palate experience!

Which pleasure in life gets you higher on endorphins? Sex, Food, Exercise.....? If your answer is sex or exercise then you should try Carme Ruscalleda's cuisine, it's a Blast!!! My husband and I enjoy good food (would you have ever guessed that? ;D) and this ...

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