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Empanada de Chorizo

Have you ever heard of Empanada gallega? Do you know that there's a sculpture of the XII century that shows this dish in the Santiago de Compostela's Cathedral? This is a Traditional dish that has arrived to our days in a perfect shape and taste ...


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Drunken Chicken’s Croquettes

There's only the two of us now: my daughter and I. My husband spends the day out, working in Barcelona city and my "baby" and I spend the day... in front of the computer!!!! She goes to Imvu, to Messenger, to her blog and to YouTube ...


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Sweet and Sour Swordfish and a 2nd place in the Joust!

I GOT THE SECOND PLACE IN THE AUGUST'S LEFTOVER QUEEN ROYAL JOUST!!!!!Thank you all for your votes, really, you made me soooooo happy!I often imagine myself with all my hair white, walking with the help of a stick, and telling my grandsons and grandaughters how hard ...


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Bye Bye Summer Holidays!

Special dressing: Joe Cooker with "You can leave your hat on". No other song could fit better here ;D.I'm back!!!! Back home, back to heat, back to my kitchen and recipes and back to you!!! Finally I can get my hands on a good internet connection ...

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