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Yakitori Salmon


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Yakitori Salmon

Doesn't sound like a Spanish recipe, does it? Hahahaha, well the thing is that I'm entering for the first time in the Creative Cooking Crew and the gastro theme this month is: BBQ! When I first heard, I thought… wow, I don't have a barbecue!!! But then, I ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Raw Salmon Salad with an Asian touch

Raw food is fashionable. Raw food is easy to "cook" and prepare. Raw food is supposed to be healthier. Raw food takes full advantage of all ingredient's benefits. Are you in the mood for a Salad? Raw salmon and avocados and green onions combine ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish

Marinated Salmon Cubes.

Do you like it raw? Then, go for this easy and flavourful appetizer. This is one of the main reasons why I love raw food... no need for cooking and most important... no need for cleaning a kitchen mess afterwards ;D. Now seriously, from my point of view, salmon tastes ...



Avocado and Salmon Feast Pie & Our Xmas traditions

This is another Festive dish. A pie that can be prepared in advance, placed in the fridge and served the day you need it. These are the kind of meals I want to have in my table during the Christmas holidays :D...


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Wild Salmon on a Caramelized Apples Bed.

Most of the times, I enjoy cooking a lot. I'm really lucky because I have to cook every single day of the year! Well, maybe not every single day... sometimes, we go to restaurants... but, most of the times, these hands do all the work! Hey, ...

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