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Avocado Gazpacho – Greens for Spring

What makes a food picture Spring full? Sure the light should be natural and maybe with some shadows, there should be greens involved in the food; pink colour makes me think about flowers and good energy... The food itself should be refreshing and light... ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes

Red Peppers Babel’s Tower

I extraneously got some inspiration from the Genesis... You all know, I'm not a religious person... but, I have read about the Babel Tower. So, when Jai and Bee from Jugalbandi announced the new Click event for this month: RED, I immediately pictured this ...


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Caldo Gallego with Gigantes. A Greek Legume for a Spanish Dish.

Gigantes is the name of these huge white Beans I got from my foodie friend Ivy from Kopiaste, straight from Athens! We made a package foodie exchange and will post about the rest of the wonderful Greek foods she sent me very soon!Back to the ...


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Pork Feet and Snails with Hot Sauce

There's some Spanish words which have gone further than expected... as for example: pata negra, I'm sure you all know what it means. Pata is foot and negra means black, the colour of our Iberian hoogs, a sign of quality! The best ham you can ...


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Killing the Hunger – Event

Scene 1: Knives are getting sharpened, day is getting to its end... a table is set with all necessary tools... lights are on! A soft music starts somewhere.Scene 2: Veggies and fruits are shaking, their end is near... Mss. Tomatoe is even ...

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