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♫ Chocolate and Nuts Stave ♪ – Event

Kids are my Achilles’ heel… there’s something about them that makes me want to hug them, play with them, observe them, make them laugh ( a children’s laughter is one of the most valuated sounds on earth for me).

This post is about kids, music, chocolate and nuts.

During my pregnancy months I used to sing a lot… even in the street, while walking from one place to another. I sang because I felt happy and also because I thought it was good for the baby. I pretended I could communicate with her and I would also softly tap on my belly once or twice and see if the baby would return same number of taps… Je, je, I know it sounds crazy :D Sometimes, she did and sometimes not, but I just thought that she was quite a character ;-) already. Now my “baby” has grown old and she is entering in the feared teenage years!!! She wants to be a Sing Star!!!!!!!

But life is good to me and now, instead of one, there’s two babies in my life again: Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, whom I can spoil a bit because I’m not their mother. So this dessert is for them and for all the kids with mothers whom enjoy seeing their babies experimenting with new things and new food!

Where are you hidding Tinker Bell?

I’m here Peter!!!

Nuts are rich in minerals and eating them is good for the nervous system and great for the memory.

Chocolate is… I don’t think there’s a need to say anything about chocolate… kids love it and that’s enough for me!

There’s no ingredients for this recipe, only Love! Just be creative and let them help you in the kitchen ♥♥♥

This is my entry for my foodiefriend Ben and his Food for Plastic Challenge – Kidz, if you want to enter in the contest, there’s still time until April 27th and there’s gifts for the winner! Tupperware will be donating some of the sales to the Boys & Girls Clubs. Even though, I didn’t get a single vote in last months challenge :(, I don’t surrender and here it goes this Nuts and chocolate Stave. Enjoy!

I got inspired in the Descobrir CUINA catalan magazine. Too bad they don’t have a web :(
Special dressing: You can fly from Disney Peter Pan (turn player on)


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04/09/2008 · 8:35 h by Peter G

Bravo Nuria! You wrote this so well. Quite interesting to hear that you sang during your pregnancy. This has to be a muy creative entry!

04/09/2008 · 8:55 h by Emiline

Cute babies!
Good luck in the event! I hope you win because I’m pretty nuts about nuts.

04/09/2008 · 11:59 h by Pixie

Aww how adorable, great entry sweetie.

04/09/2008 · 12:21 h by Peter M

The kids are cute lil’ puddins’! Us Greeks spoil our children…too much!

I was hoping that you would include a recording of more of your singing…it’s not too late, Chica!

04/09/2008 · 12:50 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Thanks so much! It gives me such good energy when you like what I post… Muchas gracias, chico!

Hola Emiline! yeah, they are soooooo cute I could eat their cheeks kiss by kiss♥

Thanks Pixie… Add a kid in your life and you will know what sweetness is about♥♥♥

Peter, I love how it sounds “cute lil’ puddins’… you are so right!
I was thinking about signing something there… but, my shyer side showed and also, you are my number one and last fan!!! ;-)
Maybe for your birthday in sing you Happy birthday in catalan :D

04/09/2008 · 12:57 h by Ben

oh que rico. Chocolate and nuts are two of my favorite ingredients. And I agree with everybody else, this post is so cute and adorable :) Good luck this month Nuria!

04/09/2008 · 13:18 h by ley

Aww, I love Peter Pan and Tinkerbell! They’re sooo cute!! I have to admit, when I was a very little girl, I had the BIGGEST crush on Peter Pan! It didn’t matter to me that he was animated. Lol. I HATED Wendy, because Peter liked her! My cousin and I used to pretend that we could fly and would pretend to run away to Neverland. Heehee!

I will vote for you!! I’ll go check out this event right now! :D

04/09/2008 · 15:05 h by bee

will you adopt me? i promise not to sing.

04/09/2008 · 17:31 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

Just beautiful Nuria! I loved this post!

04/09/2008 · 17:59 h by Núria

Thanks Ben, I guess the ingredients are favorites for many of us :D

Ley, my daughter felt the same with Peter and Wendy… that’s soooo funny :D. Oh, and she did have a crush with Cornelius from Thumbelina, do you know about him?

I LOVE the story of Peter Pan♥
Thanks sweetheart!!!!

Yes Bee, you can consider yourself adopted, he, he, he and I don’t mind if you sing :D

Thanks so much Judy!

04/09/2008 · 19:55 h by Sylvia

Nuria , such a great post, an your blog is amazing Love all

04/09/2008 · 20:16 h by Mallory Elise

ahh i want that sandwich! if it was gluten free bread! so cute! I play the violin and a staff and notes made out of chocolate and nuts, CHOUETTE!

04/10/2008 · 4:18 h by giz

What a beautiful entry. And the kids are way too cute for words.

04/10/2008 · 9:36 h by Núria

Hola Sylvia! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. Thanks so much for your kind words… I’ll come and visit your blog too!

He, he, Thanks Mallory! Please be aware, next post I’m talking a bit about you!!!!

Hola Giz! Thank you darling… kids are the best on earth♥♥♥

04/10/2008 · 13:53 h by Susan from Food Blogga

They’re precious, simply precious! :)

04/10/2008 · 17:00 h by Bellini Valli

When I was a kid I wanted to be Mary Poppins. I think that was my favourite Disney movie at the time. I would jump off of the eall at the cemetary with my umbrella. That does sound a little crazy now…but it wasn’t too high:D The babes are so adorable with their chubby little cheeks:D

04/10/2008 · 19:58 h by Ivy

Those kiddos are so cute, and in the next twenty years when you become a grandma your grandchildren will be so lucky to hear these fairy stories from you. Good luck with the event.

04/10/2008 · 22:13 h by Gloria

Nuria, està espectacular y las fotos preciosas!!! Cuanto tiempo que no venìa. El timpo se pasa volando. Que estés bien, cariños, xxxGloria

04/11/2008 · 6:59 h by Núria

Aren’t they, Susan? Lovely cheeks!

Hey Val, that’s so funny! Mary Poppins was one of my favourites too! What I really wanted back then was: Flying! I still want it now ;-)

Thanks so much Ivy! I think that being a grand mom will be fun :D

Gloria muchas gracias! Yo también hace mucho que no me paso por tu blog… la verdad es que el tiempo se queda tan corto! A ver si me paso hoy :D

04/14/2008 · 20:13 h by Mansi Desai

that’s so cute and just brilliant too! great entry nuria!:)

04/15/2008 · 7:04 h by Núria

Thanks so much Mansi! :D

04/24/2008 · 14:49 h by Siri

Nuria, so true, kids are wonderful and their laughter is indeed most valuated sound one cud hear..lovely post.


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