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Lamb Skewers for Your Barbecue!

♫ It’s raining men ♫ Alleluia!!!

But I don’t see them; maybe they rain during the night… I only see water and more water. My terrace flooded and I have to get out there while it rains cats, dogs and elephants to arrange it. See? I’m “the handy woman” in charge. I’m the one who fixes the pipes, mows the lawn, paints the walls, gets the Ikea furniture assembled, hangs the pictures on the walls… I’m not complaining, I love to do all these things :D!
Maybe thanks to this curious spirit of mine, this year you will have the Best Mona posted soon!!! For those of you wondering what is a Mona you can check my last year’s post, but I tell you, this years’ will be spectacular!!!! I can’t help it, I’m an optimist :D.
And now, let’s talk about this super-easy dish: Lamb Skewers. Spring can be rainy and also can be sunny, so for those of you who are already polishing your barbecues for the season, see what I got! A tasty and spicy dish :D.

I’m sending it over to my friend Ivy from Kopiaste because she is hosting this week’s WHB and I wouldn’t miss that!!! Take a look at her fantastic Greek and Cypriot recipes :D
Weekend Herb Blogging was created by Kalyn, of Kalyn’s Kitchen and now conducted by Haalo, of Cook (almost) Anything at least once.

Herbs and spices are guest stars in this dish and that’s why I thought it would be a good one to send over to WHB. Hope you enjoy it!

If I had to choose a first dish to complete the menu, I would go for this Season Veggies with 3 sauces.
And the dessert would be a Tricolored one!


Ingredients for 4 servings: 600 grs of lamb cut in dices (ask your butcher for a tender piece), 2 garlic cloves, 1 cup of red wine, 1 cup of water, 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil, 1 tablespoon of sweet red ground paprika, 1 teaspoon of hot red ground paprika, 1 teaspoon of dry oregano, 1 bay leave, 1 tablespoon of cumin seeds, salt and black ground pepper. One red pepper and one green pepper.

  • Peel the garlic cloves and chop thinly. Place in a big bowl together with the wine, water, olive oil, the paprika, oregano, chopped bay leave, cumin and pepper. Mix well.
  • Clean the lamb meat and take the fat away, cut in dices and place inside the bowl. Let marinate for at least 4 hours. I had mine in the fridge overnight and cooked the next day. Meat will be more tender the longer it marinates.
  • If you use wooden sticks, have them soaking in water so that they don't burn when you cook the skewers.
  • Insert lamb dices and red/green peppers with the stick.
  • Cook in your barbecue or in the griddle or grill in your oven until they get golden. While cooking, pour some of the marinating liquid on top and turn so that they get all done.


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04/01/2009 · 18:04 h by Ivy

Yum, yum, yum. Spanish souvlakia, hot and spicy. They sound delicious. Muchísimas gracias!

04/01/2009 · 19:46 h by Peter G

Que amazing Nuria! Like Ivy said I love these Spanish souvlakia! Do you call these pinchos, si?

04/01/2009 · 21:27 h by Tracey

Sounds delish, Nuria. Plus, lamb is my fav meat ; )

04/01/2009 · 23:40 h by Mercè

Núria que bons aquests pinxos de xai!
Ja tinc ganes de veure què us va ensenyar la Mireia Carbó!! ;) jeje

04/02/2009 · 2:19 h by giz

I’m always wondering how to properly prepare lamb. I love the kebob style of serving them and they look absolutely delicious.

Ahhhh yes, Nuria the handy person – how I remember the plumbing job you did last year :)

04/02/2009 · 5:17 h by Arfi Binsted

OH YUM!!! Love this with lemon couscous and heaps of green crunchy salad! mmmm… delicious!

04/02/2009 · 6:16 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

They look great! I make a similar marinade for lamb skewers too. I wish I had a bbq to grill them on though.

04/02/2009 · 13:12 h by Peter M

Nuria, love the marinade…paprika reigns great in the cooking world!

I’ll bring the wine and I’ll even grill these for you!

04/02/2009 · 13:43 h by Joan Nova

These skewers look done to perfection…charred yet still juicy. Yum! Looking forward to the mona de pascua.

04/02/2009 · 14:09 h by Maryann

I’m glad it’s not raining men here! Can you imagine the clean-up?! ;)

04/02/2009 · 20:43 h by Bellini Valli

Well done my friend….I need to crack open the barbecue right now and get some Spring lamb grilling:D

04/02/2009 · 22:21 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

The lamb skewers look fabulous! I’m bookmarking this to try real soon. Can you believe it? It’s April already and we’re still getting icy rain up here in Vancouver.

04/03/2009 · 4:36 h by Giff

nice marinade :) sounds delicious. hope the weather improves for you

04/03/2009 · 8:14 h by Núria

Hola Ivy :D. Sí, Spanish Souvlaki… We are all Mediterranean, aren’t we? ;D

Hola Peter, I would call them Brochetas de Cordero more than pinchos. Pinchos are like tapas and smaller :D

Thanks Tracey! And on top is super easy ;D

Hola Mercè! El dia de la Mona s’acosta i la recepta també! Bon cap de setmana guapa!!!

He, he, Giz… I still remember that too ;D. The lamb skewers are delicious and easy. Give them a try!

Yes Arfi! Thats a perfect marriage ;D.

Hola Marc! I wish I could bbq them too :D But they are fantatisc on the grill… try them :D

Peter, I bet you would BBQ these to perfection chico!!!

Thanks sweet Joan! La Mona de Pascua is comming soon ;D

Ai Maryann! that was a sweet and sour joke!!! Keep it up girl :D

HOla Valli! Add some potatoes there and a good wine and that will be paradise ;D

Hola Vancouver! That’s when I feel really lucky to live here in Barcelona! The sun finally shines today and I can get some sun tan in my terrace with a glas of beer ;D

Hola Giff. Thanks for commenting :D. The weather is perfect today. So, I’ll have a toast in the sun for you!

04/03/2009 · 10:28 h by Donna-FFW

Raining men? I’m there, Hallelujah! Looks super fantastic these ke-bobs. I can not wait till its warm enought o grill here. Ill save this recipe for that. YUM!

04/03/2009 · 14:51 h by Janet_Gourmet Traveller88

I love lamb and I love bbq. It is now 20 degrees celcius in Basel. Can go for BBQ already! You are making me crave for one : )

04/03/2009 · 15:20 h by Núria

Hi Donna! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D and thanks for commenting! We all want Spring to show… it’s been such a long Winter!

Hi Janet and Welcome to this blog! I appreciate your comments :D. Really? 20ºC in Basel? Amazing!!! Whatever you choose, omelet or skewers… make sure you have a good and fresh beer or wine with it ;D. That is hot in Switzerland!

04/04/2009 · 16:48 h by Dragon

I love the smell of lamb on a grill. Yum!

04/05/2009 · 5:00 h by Savory Tv

They are beautiful! Cheers!

04/06/2009 · 7:23 h by Núria

Me too Dragon!!!

Thanks Savory Tv and welcome to this blog :D

04/06/2009 · 15:23 h by Heather

Ooh, juicy lamb and that spicy marinade sounds perfect! What wonderful springtime food, Núria!

04/06/2009 · 16:01 h by Victoria Allman

Yum! The guys cleared the platter of these skewers in minutes. They loved them and asked to have them again.

04/06/2009 · 17:25 h by Núria

Hola Heather! I know you are also enjoying the begining of the Spring! What a great time :D

Hola Victoria! So you had a sunny day to BBQ! I’m happy to know that they dissapeared quickly… that’s always a good sign ;D. I’m also taking some days off to the beach, hope you enjoy your little holiday too! :D :D :D

04/07/2009 · 2:49 h by Kalyn

Lamb is my favorite red meat and these look delicious!

04/11/2009 · 1:53 h by wynsters the tigress

these look so good, i just might try it out for our bbq on sunday :-)

04/11/2009 · 23:22 h by giz

I’m making these – you inspired me – they’re in the fridge marinating right now and I’ll post about them next week. Here’s hoping they taste even half as good as yours look :)
Happy Easter!!!

04/24/2009 · 20:41 h by glamah16

I am salivating. These would be perect for the weekend BBQ.

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