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Irish Beat

Special dressing: Van Morrison (turn the player on)I just came back from Dublin, Ireland. And I just fell in love with their people, their streets, their pubs, their guinness beer, their irish coffees, their good mood, their food, their music, their proudness... What a lovely country!I ...


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You are all invited to these Tapas and Wine!

Welcome to my place!!! Please take a seat and enjoy these Tapas I prepared for you. Imagine it's a beautiful sunny day, you are on a bar terrace in front of the beach and the table is set with these tapas and a glass of Spanish wine! Those of you ...


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Codfish and Potatoes

I know, I know, too much codfish... you might think, but I tell you, this recipe is sooooo easy and soooooo tasty that you will probably like to try it! It is said that when you have a baby and you are breast-feeding her/him, this recipe ...

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